Policy Brief

Below is a policy brief I wrote comparing three policy alternatives for reducing net carbon emissions in the U.S. to zero.

Opinion Article

I wrote the following piece in response to the Parisians protesting the donations given to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral. It was published in the Charlotte Observer April 22, 2019:

To those helping fund the rebuilding of Notre Dame, I say thank you. Hearing people deride these donors is frustrating, though. Their arguments that money instead should go toward more “human” causes, like fighting poverty, fail to appreciate the importance of a cultural and religious icon like Notre Dame.

More than stone and glass, the Notre Dame Cathedral was a beating heart of culture. She hosted France’s most prominent funerals and celebrations, as well as 13 million visitors annually. They basked in her incomparable beauty, religious significance and storied history. Then, flames extinguished the center of the City of Lights.

Today, Notre Dame is horribly scarred and donors have come to heal her. We should rejoice as they ensure that, one day, people may once again be amazed by her magnificence.